Industrial Coatings

Liquidmetal coatings are the best in the business.  Our patented amorphous alloys provide the highest surface hardness and lowest coefficient of friction.  This translates to an industrial coating that provides maximum protection from wear and corrosion.

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Because of its superior surface strength Liquidmetal alloys are used to provide the most durable hardbanding solutions for drill pipe protection in the Oil and Gas Industry.  Not only is Liquidmetal hardbanding the hardest, it has a lower coefficient of friction than carbon based crystalline metals.  This means that with superior surface hardness and superior surface smoothness, Liquidmetal hardbanding provides the most casing friendly solutions on the market.

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Other Products

Our proprietary Liquidmetal alloys lend themselves to many industrial applications.  We offer many consumable products pre-coated with Liquidmetal in the Industries we serve.  We also manufacture products from bulk Liquidmetal alloys on a case-by-case basis.  For more information on specifying Liquidmetal alloys Contact Us.