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Engineered Coating Technologies

 Liquidmetal showcases an advanced lineup of unique Engineered Coating Technology (ECT) which includes:

Most advanced lineup of materials 

  • Proprietary line of Armacor® alloys
  • Full line of Armaguard® ceramics
  • Commercially available thermal spray alloys

Liquidmetal Field Services utilizes our decades of experience and our field proven Meta-Shield and Cera-Shield processes to apply these custom fit Engineered Coating Technologies for each customer to provide the longest lasting protection for your critical process assets.

Download Armacor Data Sheets

Armacor® 5304 Wire

Armacor® 8450 Wire

Armacor® 8600 Wire

Armacor® 8625 Wire

Armacor® C Wire

Armacor® DUOCOR Wire

Armacor® X80 Wire

Armacor® ArmaGuard

Armacor® MStar


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For over 30 years, Liquidmetal Armacor® Consumable products have been many industry’s partner of choice for hardfacing welding and powder and wire thermal spray materials. The company’s hardfacing materials are used in a wide variety of applications and environments to protect, restore or repair critical infrastructure and components across the globe. Liquidmetal offers a wide range of hardfacing materials systems including Iron based welding wire as a cost-effective means to achieving wear resistance and extending service life.  Contact us to talk with your Liquidmetal’s Materials specialist.

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