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Trusted Protection

Pulp & Paper

The pulp & paper industries rely on a particularly corrosive set of chemicals in the process of making paper, tissue paper, cardboard and packaging. Recovery boilers, economizers, digesters, and other high-value plant components are under constant threat of metal wastage.

Liquidmetal Coatings materials and services are used by the world’s leading paper industry suppliers and operators to mitigate that threat. Our technology, developed for NASA’s space program, lets our materials achieve performance levels that no other material on the market attains.

Maintenance of plant components often requires bringing multiple contractors on site. Liquidmetal Coatings eliminates this inefficiency, maximizing return on investment through our three pulp and paper divisions. Our Coating Solutions, Welding Solutions, and Mechanical Solutions teams subsidiaries can work separately or in tandem, providing a turnkey solution for your erosion- and corrosion-related issues.

We offer:

Longer lasting and more reliable technology: our best-in-class proprietary materials attain levels of corrosion- and erosion-resistance that other materials simply cannot match.

Faster response times: our equipment is stationed throughout the U.S., rather than in a single location. We are closer to you and arrive more quickly.

Lower mobilization costs: our service equipment is nearer to the job than our competitors. We arrive on site for less.

Comprehensive capabilities: our three divisions provide a full range of services, including high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) and high velocity arc spray (HVAS) applications, weld overlay, and mechanical services.

Learn about our thermal spray, weldingor mechanical services. Or contact us here to learn more clicking here.