LiquidMetal Toolbox Talks

Are typically led by the crew foreman or supervisor, but anyone from our crew can lead a toolbox talk. Sometimes it’s our safety specialist, or onsite safety consultant that leads these informal but pivotal meetings.

What do we cover in our toolbox talk?

Anything related to health and safety is important to your company and will help our employees recognize potential hazards in the workplace. · A crew might have toolbox talks on caught-in hazards, fire safety, cold weather safety, or how to use power tools correctly.

· During inclement or extreme heat or cold weather, our safety team might have safety briefings on slips, trips, and falls, proper lifting techniques, and how to recognize symptoms of fatigue. · In the south, there may be specific instructions on how to recognize heat-related illnesses and proper personal protective equipment.

· Even our teams that work in offices can have safety minutes on topics such as office safety, defensive driving, flu & Covid prevention, and stress in the workplace.

Where can safety Toolbox Talks be found? Liquidmetal toolbox talks can be on every job site. They can be informal with the crew supervisor leading a 10-minute refresher training on proper tool use with reminders to always leave the guards in place to more in-depth and targeted instructions. The supervisor can use his knowledge to lead the discussion and encourage feedback from the crew members.

How often do our toolbox talks occur? It depends on the job & job site, but as a rule, we feel you can’t have too many toolbox talks, safety information, or compliance training. Our crews have toolbox talks at the beginning of every shift. A focus on safety is a great way to start the day.

How long does our toolbox talk last? A toolbox talk should last as long as necessary to ensure the team understands the material provided for that safety meeting. Toolbox talks are an addition to our safety program and do not replace the longer compliance training that is required. Typically, we try to have toolbox talks that last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes and adjust as necessary for that day’s topic and conditions.

Liquids Metal Employee at a Toolbox Talk

Does Liquidmetal require Toolbox Talk attendance, and is it recorded?

YES. A sign-in sheet is in place for each meeting with the topic, date, and location on the top of the sign-in sheet, and a hard copy is sent to the office for filing.

Safety compliance training, like defensive driving, fall protection, or hazardous materials handling is vital, important, and required. Toolbox talks provide an easy way to keep safety on every team member’s mind, every day, every week. The goal of toolbox talks is to provide safety reminders, brief refreshers, and quick lessons on safety topics that might not get covered in the longer safety training courses. The informal setting gives supervisors a chance to answer questions, point out specific examples on the job site, and provide hands-on demonstrations if needed.